WP Eatery

1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa ON

Tel: (613)727-4723


Monday Buffalo Style Wings!

Enjoy our tender and spicy chicken wings with a side of fries or crunchy veggies - $14

The Tuesday Tenderloin!

Tender cuts of juicy tenderloin, served with a baked potatoe and our cheffs special salad! - $23

Welsh Wednesday Casserole!

Youll love our woodoven baked casserole! - $17

The Thursday Taco!

Beef, pork, chicken and even salmon tacos! go wild with out taco thrusday special! beer included! - $19

Fried chicken fridays!

Try our traditonal southern style fried chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and biscuits! - $15

Seafood Saturday Crab!

Fresh Alaskan crab cooked to perfection with baked mini potatoes and garlic sauce - $28

Saucy Saturday Fetuccine!

Enjoy our perfectly balanced pasta for that sunday morning hangover cure! - $23